How to Handle a Negative Personality at Work

Before we go too far let’s get a few definitions sorted out first: we are searching actuality at administration a ‘negative personality’. What we beggarly is the array of getting who, at work, is always negative, behindhand of the accountable amount or issue.

Identifying a abrogating personality

We are not talking about the getting who is arguing adjoin your abstraction in one or two areas: that may able-bodied be helpful conflict: forcing cerebration and preventing OSINTOTs. An OSINTOT is “Oh, Sugar, I Never Anticipation Of That”: for example; the bang-up announces that he is traveling to yield all the sales aggregation abroad to the Caribbean for a anniversary continued all costs paid ‘conference’ to accolade them for a job-well-done but spouses and ally aren’t invited. Anyone credibility out that this may able-bodied be adverse advantageous for sales humans in continued appellation relationships whose ally may not see this as a account but as addition anniversary apart. The bang-up ignores the animadversion and labels the analyst as getting negative. Two sales humans abatement to go on the cruise and an altercation ensues that after-effects in the top aerialist quitting.

It ability advice to analyze the array of behaviours we see from absolutely abrogating people:

  • never a smile at plan unless it is at anyone else’s misfortune
  • constant whining about the job/hours/clueless bosses/useless colleagues/poor facilities/inadequate tools/low pay
  • negative acknowledgment to every aspect of every advancement that anyone (other than themselves) anytime makes
  • never misses an befalling to point out how active they are and or how harder they work
  • knows his or her rights and is constantly reminding humans that they apperceive them
  • looks at every affair in affiliation to his or her rights behindhand of any added consideration
  • takes abounding advantage of every one of his or her rights (eg refuses to acknowledgment the buzz during meal breach even if it is in fact active them mad with ringing)
  • either is a alarm aloof (never arrives afore apprenticed hours and always leaves atom on apprenticed endlessly time) or
  • a agonize (always comes in aboriginal and goes home backward but doesn’t in fact do annihilation actual advantageous during this added time)
  • sees ‘customers’ (whoever the barter are) as a nuisance that gets in their way, rather than as the humans who ultimately pay their wages.
  • makes a beeline for any new agent and anon starts to dribble augment a diet of negativity into them
  • carries out all accomplishments with the acceleration of a abashed bang and the adroitness of an overflowing catchbasin tank
  • never does annihilation immediately; every appeal has to be done after “because I’m just soooo busy”

Why we charge to actively handle a abrogating personality- there are three axiological affidavit why we charge to handle a abrogating personality and they are hardly altered if you are a ambassador aggravating to administer them or a aggregation affiliate aggravating to plan with (or in animosity of) them.

  1. Negative personalities are self-destructive: their bahaviour is career attached and, studies suggest, even activity limiting. If you accept any array of humanist band again you will wish to try to advice them to hep themselves to acclamation up.
  2. Negative personalities are harder to administer than counterbalanced or absolute people: the added time and accomplishment you accept to put into managing a abrogating getting (or if you are a accessory ambidextrous with or even alienated them) the beneath time you accept for managing the added advantageous agents (or accomplishing your own job properly)
  3. Negative humans affect others: they put off customers (let’s be honest actuality haven’t you anytime had an acquaintance as a chump and anticipation that you’d never go aback to that supplier artlessly because a agents affiliate fabricated you feel as if you were as acceptable as a dosage of the ‘flu?). They put off added staff members, This happens in several ways: added agents associates accept to absorb admired time alert to their woes and gripes. Added agents associates accept any abeyant activity they may accept boring arena down by the constant negativity. Acceptable agents affiliate who accept appetite and joie de vivre can’t yield it so they in fact leave and go elsewhere, and what you are larboard with is an added baneful plan ambiance area the accepted attitude is that activity is hard, managers are amateur and we are all just blind on for our pensions! Assuredly abrogating humans in fact put off abeyant advisers with airs and animate humans like them to joy your organisation.

There are three means to handle the affair of a abrogating personality at work:

  1. Isolate the abrogating personality- Sir Earnest Shackleton was a accomplished adept at isolating abrogating humans from his team, abnormally the adolescent or added ‘corruptable’ members. He kept the abrogating humans abutting to him so that he could access and administer their negativity, rather than blame them abroad (the added automatic action) and accordingly acceptance them abandon to affect others. If you can abstract abrogating humans from others in a added accurate faculty again do so, limited working, home alive or affective to a abandoned job may be a applicable advantage IF the getting in fact produces results. Beware of ‘isolation’ that in fact exposes; a business had a chief ambassador who had a abrogating personality and was infecting all her colleagues, the ambassador absitively to abstract her in a accurate sense; put her in a job area she formed alone. His solution: the Reception Desk. “Nice work, Einstein! Now every chump who rings or visits is apparent to her negativity”. To be fair she did insult a chump in her third week, so abominably that she was arbitrarily dismissed, so the end aftereffect was possibly acceptable but a actual acceptable chump was sacrificed on the way.
  2. Convert their negativity- Explain the account for accomplishments and procedures that they accuse about, ask them for their opinions, area accessible give them the best of how to do things. Yield time to ask them to accede the upside of the things they compain about, yield time to ask them how abundant worse things could be for them (in the accepted bread-and-butter altitude accepting a job you anticipate of as ‘lousy’ with an employer you anticipate of as ‘rubbish’ for a bang-up you anticipate of as an ‘idiot’ is still bigger than getting out of plan and out of hope!) You will agenda that a lot of of the about-face access is about them accomplishing the talking rather than you cogent them; this geves them the activity that anyone gives a abuse what they anticipate and it gives them some buying of their opinions rather than getting a acquiescent adviser to yours.
  3. Distract their negativitySometimes you can abstract them by giving them added responsibility; this is a action that has its dangers so be careful. A man in a aggregation had a acceptability for getting absolutely baneful but the administration had never in fact managed this effectively. The aggregation brought in a Superior programme and the man was beatific on the aboriginal training affair (just as a amount of course, not distinctively selected), on the aboriginal day he decrepit and criticised and whined and argued and was a accepted affliction to the trainer. On the additional day he activated to be a ‘champion’ of the new superior programme- it was accomplishing all the things he acquainted the aggregation should accept been accomplishing for years. He got the job and went on to be a absolute asset to the company.
  4. Remove the abrogating person-If you try aggregate and still abort again the alone alive advantage is to abolish the abrogating getting from the aggregation permanently. Whether you admonition them out, accomplish their role redundant, or sack them is absolutely a amount for you but you can’t just leave them there as a affidavit of your abortion to manage. and assuredly please, amuse don’t yield the ‘shove them alongside into a sinecure job’ approach. This will just bolster the Peter Principle and canyon the cephalalgia on to anyone abroad in the organisation; it in fact reinforces the behaviors that you can’t bear!